Dental Practice Continuity Plans

US Dental Transitions’ business continuity planning services will help establish the fair market value and naming the agent responsible to sell your practice in the event of your death. Give you, your employees, and your loved ones peace of mind with a business continuity plan for your dental practice.

Business Continuity Plans Protect Your Practice & Your Loved Ones

A growing number of dentists are continuing to practice if they can physically handle the stresses of the job. The decision to actively practice benefits both patients and staff since they continue to receive high quality care from a trusted provider. Additionally, the dentist has the benefit of continuing to do what they love and remain engaged in the community. The downside to this trend is that a growing number of dentists are passing away while still in practice. If the appropriate business continuity planning precautions have not been taken, this can cause tremendous turmoil for the family after a passing, as well as devastate the value of the deceased’s life’s work.

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