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Who Am I Without My Practice: Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

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We all face life changing decisions during our careers, particularly in transition periods.  Those of us who have dedicated a lifetime to pursuing a profession and honing our craft, often become enmeshed in our own vocation.  Our self-worth, and indeed…


Timing is Everything!

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Don’t miss an opportunity to lead your transition! Way too often, we are guilty of following along our current paths, waiting on an event that forces us to change. It’s difficult to remember how much time and effort went into…


The Associate Dilemma, Part II

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Associateships as a Transition Plan Most associateships never materialize into a practice sale, and often end up involving lawyers to untangle ill-advised and poorly drawn covenants.. Why? Poor planning. There is one scenario that we hear about over and over…

The Associate Dilemma, Part I

Category: News

Not every practice can support an associate. Can yours? Dentists who are contemplating hiring an associate must answer these questions: Do you have a one-man dental practice? Many host doctors have grown their practice to slightly more than a one-person…


Things to Know Before You Sell Your Dental Practice

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In the years leading up to retirement, many doctors slow down and allow their practice to decline. But before you slow down, consider this: A small decline of 5% may cost you 6 figures in the practice sale. Can you…


Retaining Patients After the Purchase

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Retaining Patients is the most critical concern a buyer tackles after buying a Practice. Successful patient retention requires a business plan to be implemented immediately after closing, the duration of which lasts from the initial introduction of the buyer and…


Excellent Dentist, Poor Businessman

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Why do so many excellent dentists make poor business decisions? Because dentists seek perfection. By nature, they are technical, disciplined and thorough in their work. But while the art and science of dentistry allows for flawless results, business is a…

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