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Referrals: Are you paying attention to what you are NOT doing? It could significantly increase your practice value.

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Sometimes documenting what you are NOT doing is as important as documenting what you ARE doing when it comes to increasing the value of your dental practice for potential buyers. In our Practice Information Summary form, which is used in…


Are You Serious or Just Curious?

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Thinking About Selling Your Dental Practice? Understandably, many dentists are initially hesitant when it comes to the idea of selling their practice. Their practice is their identity and, while retirement is a time for new beginnings and fun, it is…


How to Sell a Dental Practice: The First Steps

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Once you’ve determined that this is the right time to sell your dental practice, you should act quickly to take advantage of a favorable market. The following are the critical first steps you should take to initiate the dental practice…


Selling Your Dental Practice: When Is the Right Time?

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When selling a dental practice, there are two things you want to get right: the buyer and the price. To ensure that you’re successful in these two areas, you have to decide on the right time to sell. Waiting until…


10 Steps to a Successful Dental Practice Sale

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Prepare for the Transition to a New Owner & New Management When you make the decision to sell your dental practice, start to prepare your practice for the new owner. Start putting things in order so the practice runs smoothly…


Presenting Your Dental Practice to Potential Buyers

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At Southeast Transitions, we are often asked by future sellers, “What do we need to prepare to present our practice to future buyers?” Here’s what we have found: Have a clear message about the reason for the sale. Prospective buyers…


When to Tell Your Staff About a Practice Transition

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When you sell your dental practice, you’re selling much more than your patient list and your equipment – your staff is also a valuable part of your office. Ensuring that your employees feel happy and secure is the key to…


Improving Patient Retention Following a Dental Practice Transition

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The key to a successful dental practice transition is retaining the existing patient base. While there are some inflated statistics out there that say practices lose 20% or more patients when a new owner comes in, we have found that…


Selling a Dental Practice after Death

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The dentist is the backbone of the practice; in fact, there are many patients who become so attached to their dentist, that they will drive across town or even longer distances to see him or her. Unfortunately, when the dentist…


What Do Dentists Look for When Buying a Dental Practice?

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As a dental practice owner who has put a lot into your practice, it’s only natural that you would see your practice in a different light than a potential buyer, who is not as familiar with it. However, when making…

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