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What 2018 Has in Store for Dental Practice Owners

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2017 has come to a close, end-of-year purchases have been made, and you are gearing up for an exciting 2018. Lots of questions, personally and professionally, can arise with a new year on the horizon. Maybe for you, it is…


3 Reasons You Need a Dental Practice Retirement Plan

Category: Blogs

Building a successful dental practice takes decades of hard work and commitment. The payoff will be years of comfort, but only if you carefully craft a retirement plan. If you want to sell your dentist office, a critical first step is…


Is It Time to Sell Your Dental Office?

Category: Blogs

Selling your dental practice is an emotional decision that every owner faces at some point. The sum of your life’s work is suddenly in the palm of your hand, and letting that go can be difficult.   If you’ve recently thought,…


3 Ways to Spot A Failing DSO

Category: Blogs

Dental service organizations (DSOs) work with practices to support dentists in management and non-medical operations. If you’re looking to sell your dentist office as part of a DSO, you should know that these organizations maximize your practice’s efficiency and profitability….


Why You Should Engage a Transition Partner Before Selling Your Dental Practice

Category: Blogs

There are few decisions larger in your professional life than selling the dental practice you have worked tirelessly to develop. Your reputation, staff, and patients are all at risk in the sale of your practice. This decision can be very overwhelming and cause great stress in the transition process.  Luckily,…


Dental Practice Management: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Category: Blogs

If an unexpected incident occurs in your life, do you have a plan for your dental practice?  As an owner, it’s imperative you take the initiative to craft a backup plan in case an event should occur. Working with a…


#1 Selling Hurdle: The Illusion of Control

Category: Blogs

If you’ve thought to yourself, “It’s time to sell my dental office,” you know it’s an emotional, life-changing decision. At some point, every dentist reaches this inevitable juncture. Whether you’re ready to sell, or you’re just getting started, total control…


Know Your Business: 10 Important Questions to Answer Before Your Transition

Category: News

Dental practice transitions can require you to make some of the most important business decisions you will ever implement. The best way to preserve your practice equity, avoid unnecessary stress, prevent financial disaster and have an overall successful transition as…


The Deciding Decade of Dentistry

Category: News

If you want a glimpse of the future of dentistry, take a look at the history of the medical profession. While it is indisputable that there are numerous changes in the industry, the future of dentistry is quite predictable. Dentists…


Referrals: Are you paying attention to what you are NOT doing? It could significantly increase your practice value.

Category: News

Sometimes documenting what you are NOT doing is as important as documenting what you ARE doing when it comes to increasing the value of your dental practice for potential buyers. In our Practice Information Summary form, which is used in…

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