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How Long Does It Take to Sell a Dental Practice?

Category: Blogs

For many dentists who are embracing the idea of selling their practice, the same question gets asked time and time again, “how long does it take to sell a dental practice?” As with the sale of any business, the length…


Dentistry and COVID-19: Economic Impact on Dental Practices

Category: Blogs

At US Dental Transitions, we’re no stranger to the conflicting perspective dentists often have about operating their practice. We commonly hear: “I love being a dentist. I’m just tired of managing the practice.”  Being a Dentist is One Thing. Managing…


How to Value a Dental Practice: Key Appraisal & Valuation Methods

Category: Appraisals & Valuations

When buying or selling a dental practice, one of the most fundamental processes of the deal is how to value it. The fact of the matter is, most dentists don’t know the current value of their practice. And when it…


11 Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

Category: Blogs

Selling your dental practice is not an overnight procedure. It’s a long-term process that requires methodical planning, due diligence, and time – often taking several months to effectively transition a practice successfully. After all, you want to get the highest…


How to Make Your Dental Practice More Profitable

Category: Blogs

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your dental practice more profitable, it’s important to take a step back and look at your entire practice from a 10,000-foot view. It’s relatively easy to get very granular and evaluate…


INFOGRAPHIC: What Leads to Dentist Burnout

Category: Blogs


The Importance of Asset Allocation During a Dental Transition

Category: Blogs

When you find yourself asking, “How do I sell my dental practice?”, buckle up for an extensive process and numerous questions. You’ll have to consider your employees’ job security, your career path, and the price at which you’re comfortable selling…


Dental Practice Transition Basics

Category: Blogs

A dental transition is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a dentist. It will be a major determining factor for where you live, how much money you make, and what your client base looks like. The scary part is many…


When You Should Bring in a Dentist Associate

Category: Blogs

Once your dental practice has matured, there are a lot of questions you must ask yourself about the future. Questions like “How do I grow my customer base?” or “Is it time to hire a dental transitions firm and move…


What Trump’s Tax Bill Means for Dentists

Category: Blogs

As with any tax bill, Trump’s new one can be tough to understand and downright unclear at times, if you’re not familiar with tax jargon. Due to their role in the buying and selling process, you could contact a dental transitions firm who is likely familiar…

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