Top Questions Dentists Are Asking Right Now

  • What’s the impact COVID-19 will have on the value of my practice?
  • What resources does USDT have to help dentists value and sell their practice?
  • What information does USDT need to put my practice on the market, and what is the turn-around time?
  • What does the selling process look like and what is the timeframe?
  • Who’s buying practices – DSOs, solo-practitioners, etc.?
  • Why should I do business with USDT?
  • I have a general attorney. Do I need an attorney who understands dentistry?
  • I’ve never sold a practice. Do you have financial resources who can assist me with deferring taxes?
  • Do you sell real estate?
  • Who do you represent – the buyer, seller or both?
  • Is it time for me to sell?

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