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I have practiced dentistry for over 25 years with an unbelievably rewarding career. After attempting a variety of business models – including owning and selling my own dental lab, practicing with two different partners, and hiring and training three associates – I was blessed with financial success that allowed me to retire from practicing dentistry at an early age.

In this process, we have developed methodologies that help the selling dentists achieve the highest value for their dental practice, ensure that the practice’s goodwill is sustained both during and after the transfer to the buyer, and that patients continue to experience the dental care that they have grown accustomed to receiving. We are also uniquely positioned to monitor changes in the industry and see trends as they emerge.

Most recently, our combined strategies of developing maximum values in existing dental practices and observing emerging market trends have led us to create a unique advisory service. This enables us to serve our clients throughout their entire career, and we can deliver much higher value over time.

Since starting this business in 1998, we have helped over 1,000 dentists transition their practices and fulfill their goals of attaining financial freedom and passing the clients they have cared for to the next generation of exceptionally qualified dentists. – Bill Adams, DDS

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