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5 Questions to Ask Before Consulting a Dental Practice Advisor to Sell Your Practice

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Dentists who are considering the sale of their practice are likely to feel some hesitation in starting the process. It’s a very natural and understandable feeling. Like owning any business, not only is there sentimental value attached to the practice,…


How to Manage Staff Expectations When Transitioning a Dental Office

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Buying a dental practice is often one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors you will experience as an entrepreneurial dentist. It’s also a transition that comes with a fair share of challenges, and managing the staff is near the…


How Long Does It Take to Sell a Dental Practice?

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For many dentists who are embracing the idea of selling their practice, the same question gets asked time and time again, “how long does it take to sell a dental practice?” As with the sale of any business, the length…


11 Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

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Selling your dental practice is not an overnight procedure. It’s a long-term process that requires methodical planning, due diligence, and time – often taking several months to effectively transition a practice successfully. After all, you want to get the highest…


The Importance of Asset Allocation During a Dental Transition

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When you find yourself asking, “How do I sell my dental practice?”, buckle up for an extensive process and numerous questions. You’ll have to consider your employees’ job security, your career path, and the price at which you’re comfortable selling…


What Happens with Marketing Once I Sell My Practice?

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Once the question of “how to sell my dental practice” has been answered, many sellers are concerned with what the practice will be like once they leave. You’ve built valuable relationships with your patients, employees, and many service providers of your business….


#1 Selling Hurdle: The Illusion of Control

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If you’ve thought to yourself, “It’s time to sell my dental office,” you know it’s an emotional, life-changing decision. At some point, every dentist reaches this inevitable juncture. Whether you’re ready to sell, or you’re just getting started, total control…

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