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Buyer’s Checklist

How to Buy a Dental Practice?

A Dental Practice Buyer’s Checklist

Use this checklist to help you start the process of buying a dental practice. Then give us a call and we can help you get the ball rolling.

Buyer’s Checklist

Select a CPA and attorney

Make an offer to a seller

Apply for financing

Apply for life and Disability insurance for Mortgage company

Lease-Assignment or new lease in Buyer’s name (Note: Unless otherwise negotiated, any security deposit on record will be returned to Seller)

Equipment leases – if assuming, call lease companies for assumption documents

Review all Sales Contract documents

Review Accounts Receivable if being purchased

Check regulatory compliance status (see attached “Regulatory Compliance Needs Assessment” form)

Prepare Letter of Transfer (introduction to patients)

Get Nitrous registration and lease or rental (if applicable)

Get applications, licenses, permits

Dental Society Application

GDA Application

Fee schedule

Narcotics license e. x-ray registration

City business license

Set up meeting with employees

Select dental lab

Order stationery, business cards, prescription pads, announcements. etc.

Plan open house

Prepare newspaper announcement, if applicable

Notify State Board [GA 404-636-7553]

Perform UCC-1 filing, if Seller holds a promissory note

Review appointment book to see if there needs to be changes in scheduling

Obtain Federal I.D. and State I.D. numbers (usually applied for by CPA)

Transfer Seller’s unemployment rate to Buyer if beneficial to Buyer (see CPA) if, after closing date, Seller will not be paying payroll taxes in the State of California

Include seller’s letter to his patients, with Buyer’s approval

Include buyer’s patient list (if applicable)

Decide on employee benefits (what kind and how much?)

Enroll with dental insurance carriers

Bank Account – Business (order endorsement stamp)

Select business systems – Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

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