Pete Newcomb

As CEO of US Dental Transitions, Pete is responsible for the overall success and direction of our company. He joined the company in 2003 after working in sales for Lanier, Siemens and AT&T, which allows him to have a broader business vision for US Dental Transitions. Pete has been involved with more than 600 successful transitions and has consulted with thousands of dentists. He is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island where he earned a Bachelor of Psychology degree. He is also a graduate of the Institute of Business Appraisers and member of the Practice Valuation Study Group.

Articles by Pete Newcomb

How to Sell a Dental Practice

How to Sell a Dental Practice: Top Questions Sellers Ask Figuring out how to sell your dental practice is a process filled with important decisions and questions to be answered. Just as you implemented a strategy to build your dentistry…


How to Manage Staff Expectations When Transitioning a Dental Office

Buying a dental practice is often one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors you will experience as an entrepreneurial dentist. It’s also a transition that comes with a fair share of challenges, and managing the staff is near the…


Interested in Buying a Dental Practice? 5 Considerations to Keep in Mind

Buying a dental practice is often the most profound career milestone a dentist achieves. However, this feat also comes with its fair share of challenges and considerations. Failure to proceed with caution can result in devastating financial consequences and squander…


Dentistry and COVID-19: Economic Impact on Dental Practices

At US Dental Transitions, we’re no stranger to the conflicting perspective dentists often have about operating their practice. We commonly hear: “I love being a dentist. I’m just tired of managing the practice.” Being a Dentist is One Thing. Managing…


How to Value a Dental Practice: Key Appraisal & Valuation Methods

When buying or selling a dental practice, one of the most fundamental processes of the deal is how to value it. The fact of the matter is, most dentists don’t know the current value of their practice. And when it…


How to Make Your Dental Practice More Profitable

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your dental practice more profitable, it’s important to take a step back and look at your entire practice from a 10,000-foot view. It’s relatively easy to get very granular and evaluate…


3 Ways to Spot A Failing DSO

Dental service organizations (DSOs) work with practices to support dentists in management and non-medical operations. If you’re looking to sell your dentist office as part of a DSO, you should know that these organizations maximize your practice’s efficiency and profitability….


Tax Consequences of Selling or Buying a Dental Practice

When considering the sale of your dental practice, it’s important to consider the tax consequences. Specifically, you’ll want to investigate how much of the final sale price is allocated towards your practice’s assets. This includes items like furniture, fixtures, equipment,…