Bill Adams, DDS

Dr. Bill Adams is the Founder of US Dental Transitions (formerly Southeast Transitions). He practiced general dentistry for 25 years after graduating from Emory in 1969. He founded our company in 1998 to help fellow dentists transition their practices to other dentists who share similar values and philosophies. Over the last 23 years, Dr. Adams has consulted with over 6,000 dentists and transitioned over 600 practices. He is Pankey/Dawson trained, a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), and a lifetime member in the Hinman Dental Society.

Articles by Bill Adams, DDS

Guide to Dental Mergers & Acquisitions

Intro to Dental Practice Mergers and Acquisitions “Mergers and acquisitions” (often abbreviated M&A) is a hot buzz-term in the dental industry. This is because running a dental practice has never before been as hard as it is today. Many dentists…


How to Sell a Dental Practice

How to Sell a Dental Practice: Top Questions Sellers Ask Figuring out how to sell your dental practice is a process filled with important decisions and questions to be answered. Just as you implemented a strategy to build your dentistry…


When You Should Bring in a Dentist Associate

Once your dental practice has matured, there are a lot of questions you must ask yourself about the future. Questions like “How do I grow my customer base?” or “Is it time to hire a dental transitions firm and move…


3 Reasons You Need a Dental Practice Retirement Plan

Building a successful dental practice takes decades of hard work and commitment. The payoff will be years of comfort, but only if you carefully craft a retirement plan. If you want to sell your dentist office, a critical first step is…


How to Take Care of Your Staff During a Dental Transition

If you’re trying to figure out how to sell your dental practice, at some point, you’ll have to consider how your staff will be treated once you’re gone. All too often, dentists are worried about the staff that they’ve carefully been investing in for years.   Many owners avoid a conversation altogether…


Dental Practice Management: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

If an unexpected incident occurs in your life, do you have a plan for your dental practice?  As an owner, it’s imperative you take the initiative to craft a backup plan in case an event should occur. Working with a…


The Associate Dilemma, Part II

Associateships as a Transition Plan Most associateships never materialize into a practice sale, and often end up involving lawyers to untangle ill-advised and poorly drawn covenants… Why? Poor planning. There is one scenario that we hear about over and over…


The Associate Dilemma, Part I

Not every practice can support an associate. Can yours? Dentists who are contemplating hiring an associate must answer these questions: Do you have a one-man dental practice? Many host doctors have grown their practice to slightly more than a one-person…


Retaining Patients After a Dental Practice Sale

Retaining Patients is the most critical concern a buyer tackles after buying a Practice. Successful patient retention requires a business plan to be implemented immediately after closing, the duration of which lasts from the initial introduction of the buyer and…