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The Associate Dilemma, Part II

Category:  Dental Business Resource Articles

Associateships as a Transition Plan Most associateships never materialize into a practice sale, and often end up involving lawyers to untangle ill-advised and poorly drawn covenants… Why? Poor planning. There is one scenario that we hear about over and over…

The Associate Dilemma, Part I

Category:  Dental Business Resource Articles

Not every practice can support an associate. Can yours? Dentists who are contemplating hiring an associate must answer these questions: Do you have a one-man dental practice? Many host doctors have grown their practice to slightly more than a one-person…


Retaining Patients After a Dental Practice Sale

Category:  Dental Business Resource Articles

Retaining Patients is the most critical concern a buyer tackles after buying a Practice. Successful patient retention requires a business plan to be implemented immediately after closing, the duration of which lasts from the initial introduction of the buyer and…

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