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What 2018 Has in Store for Dental Practice Owners

How to Sell My Dental Practice Dental Practice X-Ray | US Dental Transitions2017 has come to a close, end-of-year purchases have been made, and you are gearing up for an exciting 2018. Lots of questions, personally and professionally, can arise with a new year on the horizon. Maybe for you, it is “how can I sell my dental practice?” or “what new technologies are coming that will impact my business?”

An exciting number of dental practice trends are developing. Being aware of them will be essential in increasing the value of your company and expanding your patient base. Here are some things to look forward to in the coming months.

Digital Marketing

Whether you like it or not, the age of billboards and radio advertisements is slowly dying. Digital media’s popularity is growing, and it’s important to allocate your marketing budget accordingly. Customers expect you to have a mobile website, possibly an app, and the ability to book appointments autonomously.

Additionally, some of the most popular forms of dental advertising has been through viral media. A clever video can expose your office to a lot of eyes that may not have seen you otherwise.

Lastly, Google is everything. This is how potential patients find local businesses like yours. Educate yourself on targeted keywords, SEO blogs, and Google ads to boost your search engine ranking.

Dynamic Payment Plans

With all the healthcare turmoil that played out in 2017, patients are looking for care even though they lack insurance coverage. Plus, even those with insurance may not have the coverage for cosmetic dentistry.

Offer an array of payment options for people in various financial situations. Cost is going to be one of the most important factors when a patient chooses a dentist. You might miss out on prospective business without diverse payment options.

Technological Advancements

Whether a patient needs orthodontic treatment or same-day restoration, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is being used to take digital impressions in dental practices everywhere.

Dentists and patients alike benefit for this new technology. The impression experience is more comfortable for the patient, the digital file can be sent to a dental lab immediately, reducing turn-around times, and it significantly minimizes the number of errors that can occur while taking the impression. Moments after scanning a patient’s mouth, dentists can review a digital image of every inch of a patient’s teeth.

If you’re looking to take a large leap forward in digital technology, the price of 3-D printers has been dropping significantly. These printers are incredibly accurate and allow you to provide an array of same-day services. Whatever technologies you add, be sure your patients are aware of it by spreading the word through advertising.

2018 is going to be an exciting year for dentistry. Don’t get left behind because you’re set in your old ways. Be dynamic, flexible, tech-forward, and watch your patient base grow and in the coming year.

If you’re looking to sell your dental practice, contact US Dental Transitions today. We’ve helped thousands of practice owners transition over the course of 25 years. Founded by a dentist, we are confident we will connect you with a buyer that meets your specific criteria. With US Dental Transitions, you don’t have to worry about your practice’s legacy.

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